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Beyond The Mask is a podcast that covers a variety of topics related to the CRNA industry. This page points you directly to episodes that relate to financial and retirement topics important to CRNAs. To hear all the episodes, listen and subscribe on your favorite podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

In these featured episodes, we'll cover topics like taxes, investments, insurance, risk, estate planning and much more. Click on the episodes that interest you below to listen.

Recent Episodes

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Ep 109: Goodbye 2020 - How CRNAs Can Financially Prepare for 2021 and Beyond

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BONUS: COVID-19 Has Impacted My Income - What Are My Options?

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Ep 31: Understanding Taxes For CRNAs Under The New Tax Law

Ep 23: The Wealthy CRNA

Ep 17: CRNA Retirement Ready Series Part 2: Preparing For Life After Anesthesia

Ep 16: CRNA Retirement Ready Series Part 1: Preparing For Life After Anesthesia

Ep 5: A Freelance CRNA: What To Know - Part 2

Ep 4: Responding To Healthcare's Dynamic Changes With Randy Moore

Ep 3: A Freelance CRNA: What To Know - Part 1