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PODCAST: Will the Fed Stick the Landing? Or Will They Stick Us?

With Sharon away for work this week, we invited Andrew Opdyke, CFA from First Trust to join us to address a concern that many CRNAs have this year: the future of the market... What's the Fed going to do? Where's this economy going? How's the election going to affect my portfolio and my financial future? We tackle all these pressing financial questions and get Andrew’s thoughts on the year ahead.

Andrew's extensive background in economics, combined with his hands-on approach to data, provides a fresh perspective from the narratives we often hear in the media. He is a Senior Economist, as well as a member of the First Trust Economics Team (ranked by Bloomberg as one of the top forecasters of the U.S. economy over the past several years). Andrew helps peel back the layers of economic complexity to reveal the true state of affairs.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

  • What will the Fed do with interest rates in 2024?
  • What impact did COVID have with the shutdown and the government spending that followed?
  • What is driving inflation right now?
  • The issue that stems from consumer debt continuing to rise.
  • How will the US service their massive debt and what problems is that causing?
  • The impact AI will have on everything.


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