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CRNA Financial Wellness Program

Upon graduating from anesthesia school and starting their careers, many CRNAs are faced with debt and are unsure of how to financially plan for the future. CRNA Financial Planning® seeks to help CRNAs address their many financial concerns and questions with its CRNA Financial Wellness Program.

The program is designed to help clients navigate through the financial minefields of reducing debt, financial planning, freelance and 1099 planning, understanding insurance needs, and planning for retirement. Clients can start the program for less than the cost of most people’s television cable bill.

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The CRNA Financial Wellness Program includes:

Debt Reduction Strategies
The firm can provide practical payoff strategies to pay down or pay off debt (such as student loans). The firm offers semi-annual debt re-calculation to assist clients in staying on track. This may help shorten a client’s payback period and potentially reduce the interest paid.

Financial Planning Strategies
CRNA Financial Planning® can assist clients in evaluating financial options for significant purchases, such as the purchase of a home or refinancing a mortgage. They can also help clients plan for college and wedding expenses.

Freelance and 1099 Planning
A freelance CRNA's first step should be to consider how to structure their business. The firm will work with clients to help determine which of the three most common types of CRNA business structures best fits their needs. They will also share strategies to that may help clients maximize their tax deductions and potentially save up to $52,000 annually on a pre-tax basis.

Retirement Planning Strategies
Because CRNA professionals are highly compensated, it is critical to understand that maximizing contributions to a retirement plan may not be enough. The 2012 National Retirement Risk Index, which measures whether Americans will be able to maintain their same standard of living during retirement, shared that the number of “at risk” households had increased by 9% between 2009 and 2010. It is important for clients to evaluate their current retirement plan in light of the key risks that may influence its effectiveness, including longevity and inflation.

Insurance Planning
CRNA Financial Planning® offers insurance guidance to help clients and their families prepare to meet future obligations.

Personal Investment Strategies
The firm can help clients determine an appropriate investment approach based on their unique risk tolerance and financial goals. The firm reviews clients’ plan investment options and allocation strategies for their 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plan.

A Personal Website
A secure online vault provides clients visibility of all their assets. Clients will gain a holistic view of their complete financial situation in one easy-to-access location.

CRNAs can see if their current investment mix matches their risk tolerance by completing this secure questionnaire.

*No strategy guarantees against loss nor ensures a profit. There is no guarantee any investment objective will be met.