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Strategic Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning for CRNAs

CRNA Financial Planning® offers comprehensive financial planning strategies for CRNAs, whether they’re just starting their career or preparing for retirement. The firm seeks to help CRNAs understand the investment and planning opportunities available and offers comprehensive solutions developed to fit clients’ individual needs.

The firm’s founder Jeremy Stanley, CFP® believes every CRNA needs a financial plan. A financial plan can provide a sense of direction and freedom. With a focus on risk management, the firm strives to help clients build a financially sustainable path for life. As there are many milestones one will endure through life - paying off student loan debt, starting a new career, planning to pay for a child’s college tuition, or preparing for retirement - the firm focuses on preserving and building wealth.

In working with CRNAs, the firm can help clients navigate the financial minefields of taxes, legislation, and stock market volatility. Through the process, clients will be well-armed and well-educated with a plan that may provide them confidence in their financial futures.

During the first meeting with new clients, the firm reviews a fact finder questionnaire that the client completes beforehand. This confidential online questionnaire helps the firm understand the client’s current financial position, including personal details, cash flow, liabilities, and assets. CRNAs can review and complete the questionnaire by clicking here.

The firm’s strategic financial planning strategy for CRNAs is effective, well-executed, and carefully monitored. The firm consults on the following:

Investment & Retirement Planning
The firm has been guiding CRNAs through the sea of investment opportunities for almost two decades. Their unique Advance & Protect* approach to investing enables them to tailor a portfolio to work toward a client’s objectives. The firm's financial plans can anticipate and calculate a client’s retirement income needs so they can develop a roadmap to keep the client on track.

Insurance Planning
One of the strongest and easiest actions a client can take to manage risk in their life is to maintain adequate and appropriate insurance. Disability income insurance, life insurance, and long-term care insurance policies are the easiest way to provide a guarantee against loss or harm.**

**Guarantees are based on the claims paying ability of the issuing company.

Freelance Planning
CRNAs have the opportunity to freelance or do locum tenens. Freelancing can increase a CRNA’s hourly rate dramatically from that of a hospital employee; coupled with that increased rate are opportunities available to the small business owner. The firm offers financial planning for freelance and 1099 professionals. They understand the dynamics that are unique to earning income as a freelance professional and are able to assist in appropriate financial planning solutions.

Estate Planning
CRNA Financial Planning® often works with their clients’ attorneys to create a comprehensive wealth transfer plan to ensure their wishes are carried out.

*No strategy guarantees against loss nor ensures a profit. There is no guarantee any investment objective will be met.