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Almost Two Decades of History with CRNAs

The mission of CRNA Financial Planning® is to inspire CRNAs to make informed decisions through education, communication, and service that exceeds their expectations. The firm seeks to always uphold this mission and to offer impeccable personal service to each and every client.

Service That Exceeds Expectations
CRNA Financial Planning® aspires to deliver a level of service which will exceed clients’ expectations. In today’s world, the expectation of service has never been lower, so the firm seeks to change this, delivering Five Star service with FedEx efficiency. As an independent firm, they can provide clients with objective advice on financial services and strategies that are specifically tailored to CRNAs. The firm is bifocal, paying attention to what is happening today as well as anticipating changes on the horizon. The culture at CRNA Financial Planning® is based on an unwavering belief in integrity and fair dealings, as well as treating their clients with dignity and respect.

Active in the CRNA community, the firm can offer clients a wide array of services and resources, including assistance with searching for freelance jobs, personal and business financial advice to CRNAs considering freelance options, insight into small business incorporation, and coordination with CPAs and attorneys.

Informed Decisions
CRNA Financial Planning® strives to help clients make informed decisions that are logical for them. Using a number of resources, the firm develops a comprehensive plan so clients can pursue their financial goals.

CRNA Financial Planning® seeks to not only arm CRNAs with a financial roadmap for their future, but to also educate CRNAs and SRNAs on many common questions and concerns they may face, including the benefits of incorporating their own business. The firm's founder, Jeremy Stanley, CFP®, is the author of “The Wealthy CRNA,” a book that provides CE credits for CRNAs and offers insights into becoming a financially successful CRNA.

The firm believes that making informed decisions can only be accomplished through education. By offering insights, they hope to help clients have a better understanding of their financial plan.

The firm’s goal is to build relationships with clients and provide frequent communication and updates. CRNA Financial Planning® is available for client meetings in-person or via web conference. They also occasionally host client events, like wine tastings. Firm founder Jeremy Stanley, CFP® is a sought after speaker and frequently presents at CRNA meetings and speaks to SRNA graduating classes.