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Our Strategy

Dedicated to Preserving Wealth and Mitigating Risk

For almost two decades, the advisors at CRNA Financial Planning® have guided CRNAs through the complexities of investing and financial planning and helped them pursue their financial goals. As an independent firm, they are committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, offering objective advice.

From the first meeting, the firm listens to their clients and learns about their financial goals. By listening and learning before acting, CRNA Financial Planning® seeks to offer services and solutions designed to help clients pursue their unique financial objectives.

The firm believes in the importance of preservation of wealth and conservative risk management. When investing, there are two kinds of loss: the loss of capital and the loss of opportunity. If capital is preserved, there will always be another opportunity. By managing risk prudently during market declines, the firm seeks to preserve capital and to take advantage of opportunities when markets may be stronger.

The firm is focused on preserving wealth and managing risk and uses an Advance & Protect Investment Strategy. This model-driven portfolio strategy’s objective is to seek growth when the market is rising and strive for protection of principal when the market is falling. The model allows for vast degrees of customization, enabling the firm to tailor a portfolio to work toward a client’s unique objectives.

Through a structured buy/sell discipline approach, the Advance & Protect strategies help the firm manage risk, market exposure, and handle the dynamics of portfolio construction in a systematic way. The process allows CRNA Financial Planning® to be proactive in striving to grow assets in good times and protect them in difficult times.

*There is no guarantee this strategy will meet its objectives. The strategy does not guarantee a profit or guarantee protection against a loss. The “right” entry or exit point is not guaranteed.