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PODCAST: Navigating Finances in Marriage

Today we’re going to turn our attention back to the financial side of our CRNA discussions and focus on the issues that can creep into a marriage when it comes to money. That’s something many couples will argue over so we want to make sure you’re addressing the minefields that might test any marriage.

Here’s some of what we discuss in this episode:

  • Why it’s important for you to know how your partner feels about money before you get married.
  • Figuring out whether you should combine finances, keep them completely separate, or do some combination of the two.  
  • Determining what your priorities are for life and your career and focusing on how your finances play into that.
  • Being on the same page about debt.
  • Should you consider a prenup before marriage?
  • The steps you need to take with an estate plan after you get married.

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