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PODCAST: Where Should CRNAs Turn for Financial Advice?

CRNAs, like many others, seek financial advice from a variety of different sources. And some of those sources will certainly have good intentions, but they’ll often give bad financial advice. Let’s look at some examples and explore the reasons why we have to be very careful from whom we’re taking this important guidance.

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Today's show schedule: 

1:33 – How are we handling quarantine?

3:12 – Looking back on your life, what would you tell yourself 20 years ago that you know now?

5:22 – If you could go back to any age, what would it be?

6:39 – Quote of the week on the quickest way to double your money.

8:36 – Let’s take some listener questions. Mailbag question #1: I retired two years ago with more than million in my IRA, which I thought would be more than enough to give me the lifestyle I want. I’ll probably be fine but I get nervous every time I withdraw from my account because I don’t want to worry about running out. Am I worrying too much?

13:09 – Let’s talk about finance some more and talk about bad advice.

14:17 – Many people get their financial advice from their family. Sharon shares her experience.

17:13 – Why that advice from family might not be good for you.

18:02 – What about advice from friends?

20:48 – Getting financial advice from Accountants

23:26 – Listening to financial experts in the media.

25:02 – Money leads to a lot of arguments in marriage.

25:58 - Stats on the average amount saved by age group.

31:07 - Here’s how much Jeremy’s CRNA clients usually have saved.

31:36 - Here’s what to do if you need to improve your retirement savings.

32:05 - Final words of wisdom from Jeremy.