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What Retirement Lifestyle Will You Choose?

What Retirement Lifestyle Will You Choose?

April 22, 2021

With all that’s going on today, many CRNAs are reconsidering what’s truly important in life. Over the past year, the pandemic has impacted so many aspects of our everyday lives, and as a result, we are seeing more and more CRNAs choose to retire early.

Whether you are in the group of soon-to-be retirees or are still years away from retirement, every CRNA should be thinking about how they want to spend their life after anesthesia. Many CRNAs are defined by their careers, so it’s not easy to have those conversations or think about what the next chapter may hold. Often we see CRNAs encounter a broad range of emotions that accompany envisioning life in retirement.

Earning mean annual salaries of $189,190*, CRNAs have the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle throughout their career, but planning for retirement is about much more than the money. A big piece of the retirement puzzle is determining the lifestyle you plan to enjoy as that will help you determine what type of financial decisions you need to make in order to be prepared.

So let’s talk about some of the most common lifestyle choices we see CRNAs make once they put the anesthesia away. It’s important to note that at CRNA Financial Planning®, we encourage people to start thinking about these things a few years out and really get serious about what you want to do with your time. While your nothing is set in stone, you want to start getting a firm plan in place.

  • The Two-House Lifestyle
    Do you want to have a place you live in for a portion of the year and another in a different part of the country for the rest of the time? There are a few considerations to make if this is a lifestyle you’re interested in. First, think about whether you’re going to want to be close to family as you get older. Maybe that means staying in one location primarily and a second home wouldn’t get used as much. Also, think about whether you want to buy or rent. Are you prepared for all the upkeep that comes along with owning a property versus renting?

  • RV Living
    If a second home isn’t for you, then the RV lifestyle might be a better route. Instead of being tied down to one location, retirees often choose to travel on their own timeline thanks to the freedom of life on the road. But have you thought about the costs associated with travel and vehicle maintenance, and whether you’ll want to be driving that large vehicle. It could be a great alternative to a second-home lifestyle and one that a lot of people prefer.

  • The Front Porch Lifestyle
    For other retirees, they are very happy with being home. We call this the front porch lifestyle because they enjoy working around the house and the yard, spending time with the grandchildren, and prefer the slower pace of retirement. This doesn’t mean you won’t be active, but you just plan to spend most of your time at home or in the community where you’ve already laid down roots.

  • College Living
    Another popular choice for where to live are college towns. One reason this is popular for CRNAs is due to the availability of great healthcare in many of these locations. Plus, you’re able to enjoy the activities associated with a vibrant community like concerts and sporting events.

  • Florida Living
    Then there’s the large section of the population that decides to call Florida home. With great weather year-round and a large number of retirement communities, many people make the choice to move south. Florida also provides people with an active lifestyle all the options they could want. Many retirees choose golf or pickleball, which will also need to be factored into the expenses section of your retirement plan. Another benefit - Floridians enjoy no state income tax.

No matter what you choose, there are a few things every CRNA needs to remember. First, have a plan in place for however you choose to live. Second, stay active and social for the benefit of your health. And finally, follow your passions. Take advantage of the extra time and enjoyment that a hard-working career now offers you.

If you want to learn more about creating your financial plan, connect with us at CRNA Financial Planning.

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* Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2020; 29-1151 Nurse Anesthetists.

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