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Financial Therapy for CRNAs

Financial Therapy for CRNAs

January 05, 2023

CRNAs face stressful situations every day but that doesn’t always prepare you to deal with the obstacles that life can throw your way, especially when those events put a strain on your finances. Your relationship with your financial advisor may feel more like a therapy session during emotional times, and that’s okay. Let’s discuss a few scenarios where it’s almost inevitable that a conversation with your advisor may seem like a counseling session.

  • When you think of events that may have a jarring impact on your personal and financial life, divorce is likely near the top of the list - especially since CRNAs tend to face higher than average divorce rates. Trying to navigate the emotional impact of a divorce is already difficult enough, but then there’s the financial side of the split. With so many decisions to be made during this time (many of which can have significant financial repercussions), your advisor can help keep emotions out of the decision-making. So many of our conversations with clients are spent talking about the future and helping ensure that they’ll be okay in the wake of a divorce.

  • Another situation we help CRNAs navigate is career changes. We’re grateful that the CRNA profession is very healthy, but that doesn’t mean you don’t face challenges at work. It could be that you’re considering a transition to 1099 employment and are worried about the implications on your income. Maybe you're having to scale back at work due to health concerns or family changes. No matter the reason, we’re here to sit down and discuss whatever worries and concerns you have and make sure you feel comfortable and confident about your financial future.

  • When medical issues become serious for you (or a family member), your finances can suffer. Most CRNAs understand the costs associated with healthcare, so being in this position can create anxiety regarding your personal and financial well-being. We understand your concerns, and we try to plan for the unexpected events that life may throw your way. Our client meetings often deal more with life than numbers, because that’s so much more important. 

  • Now let’s talk a minute about children... As parents, we want to do everything we can to take care of our offspring. Legacy is a big part of the planning process for many CRNAs, but what about those times when you don't agree with the financial life decisions your children are making? Parents are often tasked with the fallout from those decisions which can be costly. Those frustrations come out in meetings, and we don’t mind being an outlet to vent. 

  • The last scenario that we frequently help clients navigate is the loss of a family member. Whether it be a spouse, parent or other family member, you can never be prepared for that heartbreaking time. Picking up the pieces can be tough, and the last thing you want to do is worry about financial matters. You may have a parent who had very disorganized finances or widespread accounts, or perhaps your spouse handled all the money matters. Whatever the case, as advisors, we’re here to listen, provide a shoulder to cry on and offer financial guidance. Allow yourself time to process your grief, and try not to make any rash decisions – there are very few things need to be tackled immediately.

As you can see, very few people will be there for you through all of life’s ups and downs like your financial advisor. From the birth of a new child, through the passing of a spouse, and everything in between, each of your life experiences contain financial elements. It is important to establish a strong relationship with a trusted financial advisor to help guide you through the rollercoaster of life.

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