Our New Book for CRNAs Is Here!

Our New Book for CRNAs Is Here!

October 04, 2016
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Along with the financial planning aspects of my job, I’ve always been passionate about education.  Just as an in-depth education is critical for CRNAs in their practice of anesthesia, education is equally important as they plan for their financial future and retirement.


In 2013, I released my first book, The Wealthy CRNA, which covered the financial essentials for CRNAs. It focused on how CRNAs could plan for their future, and get started — and continue — on the right foot with their finances.


Just as it is important to start your financial journey correctly, it is important to end it well and reach your final goal: your dream retirement. This is why I wrote my second book, A CRNA’s Life After Anesthesia.


There is so much out there about retirement and planning that it’s easy to be overwhelmed. It’s hard to know what is accurate for today’s retirement landscape and what applies to CRNAs. I want this book to serve as your financial roadmap for a smooth emergence into retirement.


From discussing the most recent changes in the CRNA industry to the new rules of retirement to the final steps of legacy planning, this book covers the essentials of what all CRNAs should know before retiring. Whether you’re five or fifteen years away from retirement, I believe this book can help you on your retirement path and answer some of the pressing questions you may have (or have yet to consider).


Retirement today is a lot different than it was for previous generations. With a fast-evolving healthcare industry, changes to Social Security, and a much longer anticipated lifespan, today’s pre-retiree CRNAs are facing new challenges. Without an understanding of the new retirement landscape, you may stumble blindly on your path into your Golden Years. And, without proper planning, increased longevity brings with it the possibility of running out of money. I hope that with this book, CRNAs can feel more confident about their future and have a clearer vision of their personal retirement reality.


A CRNA’s Life After Anesthesia is now available on Amazon. Along with gaining invaluable knowledge about the retirement landscape, readers are eligible to receive two Class A CE credits from the AANA.


Before, during, or after reading, I invite you to reach out to me if you have any questions about retirement, your financial opportunities, and what steps you need to take to pursue your goals. Call us at 855.304.3748 or email inquiry@crnafinancialplanning.com.

About Jeremy Stanley

Jeremy Stanley is the founder of CRNA Financial Planning®. He has been providing advice and guidance for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) for over two decades. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Jeremy has met rigorous certification and professional standards set by the CFP® Board. He is committed to adhering to the principles of integrity, objectivity, competence, fairness, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence when dealing with clients. Jeremy is also the author of the book The Wealthy CRNA, which lays out a foundational roadmap for CRNAs to help them plan their financial future. Not only does Jeremy enjoy working with CRNAs and understand the unique challenges of their profession, his wife, Sara, is a CRNA as well!


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